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tThe Mystery Of The Lost Sound

                                                                              The Mystery Of The Lost Sound
    Once upon a time there was a girl named Shelly and she had a friend called Monique. They had no sound so they danced to communicate. Shelly went to visit Monique and they danced hi and nice to see you with their hands. They then went to the park. They had two grinders. One was an italian herb, cheese bread with turkey, American cheese, and mixed cheddar that had been toasted in an oven. The other one was plain white bread with  ham, swiss cheese, and mayonnaise.

They then danced to decide who got which sandwich. Shelly got the turkey and cheese and Monique got the ham and cheese.They ate their sandwiches and then they were attacked by a wolf! The wolf was in a pack. He was the leader of the pack. The pack came out and surrounded the two friends. Monique danced about and confused the wolves so Shelly could run away. They both ran to Monique’s house and hid. The wolves found out quickly that the girls were in the house and they were mad. The wolves went to the park again to figure out how to get the girls.

Monique and Shelly knew not to go outside again, so they stayed inside the house. The wolves now had thought of a plan. They were going to stay near the house until the girls came out. It failed. The girls came out but called a game warden. The wolves had rabies that sadly resulted in them being put down.

After the wolves went away they went to an awesome place called Wizard Island.The wolves’ family was super nice to the girls and helped them get a map to Sound Mountain.The girls then went to the sound mountain and brought sound back. The girls now are communicating better with the power of sound. 
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