Jan 24

The Mess Up

The Mess up 

Text message                

Me: Hey dad

Dad: Yes

Me: What time are we leaving for Florida?

Dad: What do you mean?

Me: Remember, you said we were leaving today

Dad: Oh, I sent you a voicemail saying it was delayed

Me: No, I have no voicemails

Dad: I definitely sent you one

Me: Nope I definitely have none

Dad: Well, I did send it 

Me: No

Dad: Yes

Me: No

Dad: Yes

Me: Wait, What did you do when you sent it?

Dad: Well, I turned the phone on,  I typed in the password, I pressed the little telephone app, typed in your number, then I listened, so I think it automatically went to message, I said we're not going then ended

Me: Wait, did you wait for it to beep

Dad: Beep?

Me: It makes a little beep before you start talking if you leave a message

Dad: Ohhhhh

Me: Sooooo, just so you know we are supposed to meet mom halfway there and she left like an hour ago

Dad: So

Me: That means we kinda have to go

Dad: Ugg, fine, meet me at the town green when I get back

Me: So, we are going?

Dad: Fine

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