Jan 24

For My Sister, In Her Year Of The Rat

Little sister
You are not little anymore
And to me
You're really more like a twin. 
I have grown with you
And you have grown with me
And you were my first friend
And you are my best
And you are the best.
You are funny
And sometimes loud
But sometimes I am louder.
You are light
And spontaneous starwatching
And you are impatient 
But you hold a kind of patience I could never master.

This year is for you.
It's yours to take
By ancient birthrights.
I made up for one of my frustrating, half-thought-out games
But that doesn't make it any less real
For Harry, it may be inside your head
But you can still reach it, grasp it
And even then reach farther than you ever could imagine.
You are the best kind of weird that ever was
If that's what they want to call it
But I call it
And sometimes I get mad at you
And sometimes you get mad at me
But I will be your fierce bodyguard,
If you want
And we will be
And we have always been
And we are