Jan 24
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His Smile and Her Baby Blues

All it took was that smile

So silent

Yet it says everything

His tooth gap showing 

Lips curling 

One look 

And he knows what I am thinking 

I never want to leave this moment 

Staring at his imperfections that make him perfect somehow

Our nonverbal talks are my favorite 

And I know he feels the same

All it took was her gaze

One look said exactly what I wanted to hear

Eyes brighter than sapphires

But deeper than the ocean

And I want to dive in.

Her baby blues seem to smile

Glinting a brilliant blue

Eyebrows raised

Looking simply glad 

To be alive

To be together

To be loved.

With one glance

She knows what I'm thinking 

I want time to stop

So we can keep talking without saying a word.

After all, nonverbal is the most verbal thing in the world sometimes

And I wouldn't have it any other way
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