Jan 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Colors


Trapped in my own mind
bursting at the seams
I come undone.
I am covered in colors
drawings all over my body
because my head wasn't
big enough to contain it.
Hug myself too tightly
so that maybe
I don't feel so alone.
The white walls are splattered
and painted
beautiful and truthful.
I paint over my beauty
with thick strokes of black.
My hands drip with red.
It dries on my face and in my hair
as I try to pull myself apart.
The dark walls close in on me
as I keep painting myself
trying desperately
to cover up 
all my imperfections.
It's no use.
With every layer I add
I am more ruined than before.
The red paint 
runs down my arms
and drips onto the floor.
I am covered
in my own toxic rage,
just a ticking time bomb
that can't wait to explode.
Wider brushstrokes
brighter colors
Paint over my broken heart
paint over my rotted mind
paint over my incorrect feelings
paint over my grief.
Paint over my happy
paint over my joy
paint over my wrong
paint over my pain.
The angry red paint
seeps in to my heart
infects my lungs
destroys my eyes.
I'm seeing red
breathing red
my heart beats red.
My paint bucket is empty
the walls are going to crush me.
I pick up my paintbrush
and try again.