Jan 26
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week 24 a hurricane's rainbow

The storm was raging outside my house;  the shutters were banging against the windows like a hundred hellions were attacking it.  Every few seconds the house started to shake and quiver as if the storm was pushing it with invisible hands. The day earlier we got a storm warning on the radio- it was faint and muffled.  Then later that night the radio turned on again and at that time the radio announcer spoke. “There will be a storm, but it will not get here for awhile and it will only be a soft storm 50 mile an hour winds at the most.  You are all safe” I wish that what he said was true. The storm kept torturing us with it’s wind waves. Many days passed since the radio broadcast and the storm raged on. We all were losing hope and when all hope was gone, regardless the storm would take us away to a bad place, a place filled with nightmares and death. Then the most wonderful thing happened, the miracle. When the miracle happened, everything changed. The angry clouds fell away and a giant hole of true happiness appeared in the sky.  It was like the gods were  opening the gates of heaven for everyone. We looked around and saw the storm was regrouping more powerful than ever, but the shroud of darkness would not drain our hope nor our life, because the light inside of us is more powerful than even the strongest of storms. The blackness came for one final assault but it couldn't touch us for the light kept the evil away and with its final assault it died screaming in the wind then shriveled up until it was nothing more than a spot of darkness in the morning sun; it was gone scaterd into oblivion.
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