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week 19 Wind Don't Go There

“ Don’t go there!” said the man from nowhere. “ I’ve been there, it has bears and lice to get in your hair. People that go there do not know their whereabouts and end in the place that is full of bears, monsters and more,” said the man from nowhere. “ It has wolves that howl and angry owls and gore yet to be explored.,” Said the man from nowhere. “ The wind is also one thing that howls in there. It makes you scream and shout and the wind bashes and thrashes through everything in its path. The wind will scrape you off your boat from the beginning and please, oh please don’t go there,” said the man from nowhere. “ I lost my wife and my daughter, my pigs and farm. My dog and my little pet frog, and my farm and my life,” said the man from nowhere.

    I turned and I did in fact say, “ Why, oh why, must I not go there! I hear legends about flowers and towers that reach to the sky! Made from trees and all greens!”

    “ I warn you. Do not go to nowhere, like I once have gone there…”

    I felt of butterflies and perfect air, a gentle breeze that blows my hair.

    But the man from nowhere just said, “ Don’t go there.”

    My dreams of the wind still krept my mind, of birds of flowers, and all good kind.

    I still felt the Wind running through my hair.

    Outside the cabin, outside the fences, outside the island, the Man from nowhere was somewhere out there.

    Past the ocean, and past the country, the Man from nowhere returned to there.

    No one knew how he got there or how he tried. He was the man of mysteries and all that kind. He returned to his home, where he had a farm, a family album and a surviving cat.

    He was the only one in the new usa. Pollution and trash ruined the world. Eighty seven years ago, America was beautiful and full of real wind. He did not like being forced to live in London, because that place was all trash too.

    He still lived in America, where all the life was. He started a new farm with two pigs, three baby chicks and one big goat named Rooster.

    The little girl was right about something though.

    The amazing Wind was still amazing.

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