Jan 26
fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind
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Paperwind plane

Sitting in the same classroom for the fourth time this week. What could be more boring? Today is a fascinating lecture on who knows what. In fact, that notecard the teacher gave me, to write down something I learned, is more interesting than the class. Sketching that one thing that I know how to draw can get boring though. I choose to go for the origami route instead. Not real origami. I’m not that skilled. I’ll stick to a paper airplane. Yeah, a paper airplane. I flip the card over so the wings don’t have the blue stripes on them. Readjusting from my slouched position to leaning over my desk, I begin to fold. Meticulously bending the card to get the creases to stay. Then I find my target. The trashcan across the room. Oh, wait. The recycling bin,or else someone will call me out on putting paper in the trash. I hold my artwork between my index finger and thumb, releasing it just as my wrist flicks forward. Soon, I have no control over its path. Only the air can determine the whereabouts of the plane. As it nears the pencil sharpener bolted to the wall, a gust of wind redirects it. I didn’t even see that the window was open. Darn it. The line of travel that I calculated is ruined. Now, I can only hope that the teacher does not notice the piece of paper flying towards her arm. She won’t realize. Right?
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