Jan 26

Animal Curses

"I can't believe you forgot where you parked the car! We only went to the Zoo for three hours." Eva complained.
"whale whale whale, look who's talking. You told me where to park- you should remember," her brother Leo remarked.
"Thats the sealist thing I've ever heard" Eva insisted, as they truged through the parking lot. 
"Hey! ya know sometimes your unbearable!" leo snaped. He shielded his eyes from the burning sun.
"I don't have the kolalafications to drive yet." Eva hissed. 
"That's so irrelephant. Anyone can remeber where they parked their car!" leo argued. 
"then your simply redonkilous for not remembering!" she said angrily.
"your a catastrophy for thinking I remeber this!" leo scanned the parking lot for their car. No luck.
"your girraffing me crazy" Eva breathed. 
Leo rolled his eyes. "for all our duck it probably got toad" 
Eva stopped dead in her tracks. "what did you just say?"
Leo stopped too and threw his hands in the air. "Oh come on! I was teasing you this whole time and you get huffy at our duck being toad cause-"
He stopped too. 
"Hey! Eva I found the car! Its right hare!" He started wooping, Eva joined in. 
Then they both stopped again suddenly. 
"were we- were we using ZOO animals as, like, actual words just now to insult each other?" He asked
"Thats so hakward" she said. stiffiling a giggle "but- I'm sorry for fighting."
Leo sighed, "yeah me too."
she nodded, "Ok lets go! I really need to use the bathroom"
Leo pulled out the keys- but he didnt unlock the door yet. 
"me too- and now my voice is horse." he said
Eva laughed. "stop!" she squirmed. "open the door! you gonna make me puma pants!"
"you better be lion!" he joked.
"I kid you not!" she yelled, and pulled at the door, laughing really hard. 
"well if you do- please let minow." Leo tried hard to keep a straight face, and opened the door.
"Cause then alpaca my bags."