Jan 27

Change, Practicality and Knowledge

the first wish is for mom


 kind, supportive and always wanting the best

 who deserves so much more than what shes gotten

who I'd wish for to have enough money for her to do all the things she wants

 who i know would probably use it to make my sister happy

who would try to make me happy

because i know that she wants change to happen 

that she wants a better world

and thats good for everyone

in that way the first wish is for change

the second wish is selfish

theres no way around the fact

but is it to much to ask for a stable carrer that i actually want

is it to much to ask for something everyone should get

is it to much to ask to be happy

the second wish is for my dreams and for practicality

the third wish is hard

i dont know what the world will be like when im fifty

in thirty-two years

but the third wish isnt selfish or selfless

in truth - its just to know what will happen after i depart

thats always scared me

knowing that one day i will leave

and thats it

theres nothing else 

you dont get to know what happens to the world after you die

you dont know where you go

knowledge is one thing i crave

it might be terrible 

it might ruin me

but it might give me hope

it could quell my fears

 not knowing scares me

scares me enough to wish to know what happens after

for me and the world

and so the third wish is for knowledge
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