Jan 27
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The call of the ocean

The Call of the Ocean

By: Sierra Breault 
“I’m leaving!” said CC. 
“Fine then leave!” said CC’s mom Mia.
CC ran to the beach to the ocean. Whenever her mother and her fight she always runs to the ocean. She finds comfort with the ocean. The ocean can be calm and crazy and when it’s calm it makes her calm.
 Yesterday CC found out that she was adopted and she doesn’t know who her birth parents are.

Her birth mom left when she was born and gave her to Mia. 

“Honey come back inside,” said Mia. 

“No,” Trying to be quite.

Whenever CC gets into a fight she doesn’t yell, she’s always quiet.

“I need to tell you about your birth parents well really your birth mom. When you are ready you can come in and we can talk,” Mia said. 

“Whatever,” grumbled CC. 
CC sat on her own beach looking at the ocean for 2 hours straight. When she was sitting there she was thinking “Why am I so drawn to the ocean?”  She jumped and heard whales calling and she saw them come up for air. The whales splashed her Just a little bit where she didn’t need to go inside. 

“Hi, CC my name is Perl,” Said the dolphin and in com up out of the water.

“Hi, Perl?”CC said a little confused. 

But then Perl swam away. 

She saw dolphins and she got to touch her, which made her feel warm and happy. It made her happy when saw the animals free she wished she could be free. 


After the whales splashed and she pet the dolphin she wondered, “ Why didn’t it taste like salt? Why can’t I smell the salty air? Why can I hear what the animals are saying?” she said quietly to herself.

 She was happy she got to see so many different animals that live together in the circle of life. After sitting there seeing all the animals she was ready to go inside. The sea made her happy and calmed. 

“Okay, I’m ready,” said CC. 

“Well. This might sound weird but your mom is from the ocean. She is the Queen. She was really beautiful and that means you are the princess of the sea and you have part of your dad and mom. Your Dad died. I guess you have questions and I am here for you. You can ask me anything,” her mom said.  Her mom spoke calmly, trying to let her know that even though she knows so much she is still her mom. 

“Why is when I drink salt water now I can’t taste the salt?”

“It’s because you are from the ocean. When you hit certain age things like not tasting salt will develop.”

“Why can I hear animals? Is that also because I’m from the ocean?” 

“Yes, By your next birthday, you will have to go to the ocean and get your tail. Which as you know is tomorrow.”

“No I can’t take this, it’s too much, this must be a lie. If I was like my birth mother she would be here to tell me, not you. You are someone that got told this. You just said yes because you wanted a daughter.”  

CC left and went back to the ocean.
“WHY?” she screamed and she fell on her knees and started to cry.

“I know this is not easy but you need to go with this until you are safe,” someone said coming out of the ocean.

“Who are you?” 

“I was sent by your mother. She wants you to listen to your other mom until the time comes.” 

“Well if I’m so special then why doesn’t she come here and tell me?”

The person opened something and a projection popped out.

“Hi, you need to listen to your other mother. It’s for the future of the ocean. I was sent by your birth mom.”

Then the person walked back in the water.

CC took a deep breath. She knew that was her mom’s voice someone from the sea told her. Not showing their face. 
CC walked to see her other mother 

“I have something to tell you. I am also from the ocean. I am actually your aunt. If you are ready, we can go and it will be fine?”

“Okay let’s go,” said CC