Jan 28


I like imagining being the band conductor.
Just sitting there, hearing everything.
Every conversation,
Every secret note.

Hearing the melodious sound of the flutes,
While bickering among themselves.
And complaining about the music.

The blast of a trumpet making its point.
Proving to their bandmates that they are the loudest
Proudly the loudest.

The clarinets will squeak away,
Annoying everyone else to no end.
With the one clarinet that plays
The sweet legato tone.

Similarly, the saxophones,
Figuring out how to even make a sound
Eventually making a short, staccato note.
Then talking because they're confused.

The low brass.
Yes, they're back there.
Not playing- talking.
When they play, in that rare moment,
You can't even hear them.
How disappointing.

And the conductor.
Standing there in the front,
Soaking in all the music.
Preparing feedback.
Just enjoying the music. 
For now, anyway.