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fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind
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 ​It was the middle of Fall and I was walking home from school, the sun was already setting and there was a slight breeze. I wanted to take the short cut through the woods to get home faster but I got lost, I thought I went the right way but I had no idea where I was. All of a sudden I was being lifted into the air and the wind started to pick up. Was I being moved by the wind?!? I started to go higher and higher and was brought all around my town, I passed the bakery and the food smelled delicious. I started to get lifted into the clouds, when I tried to grab them they would just disappear. I was brought to this unfamiliar park that was covered in leaves, I was slowly brought down to the ground. I saw a bright yellow thing in a nearby tree, as I started to walk towards the tree I could hear the leaves crunching underneath my feet, but when I got closer the wind picked me up again and started to bring me home. By the time I was brought home I was completely exhausted, in the morning when my eyes started to flutter open I couldn’t remember whether what happened with the wind was a dream, or real.
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