Jan 28
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Hopeful for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I hope that kindness spreads, love blooms, and hope rises.
Kindness should continue to spread because the more we give to the world the more the world will give us in return. When we take the time to be kind to someone it will surprise us how good we feel. Spreading love leads to happier lives. The more we look for the good in people the more people we can connect to and appreciate. Have you ever felt amazing just because someone has your back? If more people have hope in each other the more we can trust that others will do the right thing. Studies show that the people who have self-esteem and self-love end up having more success in life. Showing kindness can brighten people’s self- esteem.

Tomorrow it will happen...
Tomorrow, I hope that our society learns to accept, that our communities learn to bond, and that our world learns to forgive. 

 Acceptance can be hard but it is easier if you remember this. You can’t change people, but you can change how you look at them. The more we connect and understand each other the more we can work together to form a better world. Everyone can do this through bonding. Forgiving people for their actions can be tough, but in the long run holding grudges only hurts yourself.  

Tomorrow it will happen…
Many of us know the problems in our world. We just need to decide to do something. 
It starts with action. Tomorrow...

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