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A Crown Of Grass

A Crown Of Grass
I wake up, on a warm summer day, looking into the sky. Its feels peaceful. Like I could lie here forever. I feel the sudden urge to get up. I do not know why, but I get up. I look around. I am surrounded by very tall grass. It’s green. A very calming green, with white at the very bottom, where they stick up from the ground. I feel the warmth of the sun. I feel at ease. I hear the whistling of the wind, in the distance. It gets louder and louder. It disturbs my peace. Suddenly, like I was in the middle of a hurricane, the wind rips through my serene grass field. 
I take a couple of steps back, bracing against the wind. I feel the wind cutting against my skin, like thousand of tiny knives. I look around, and the field of grass is flattened. I turn to the side and see something. It sends shivers down my spine. In that second, I see a figure. I can’t make out the details, but I get a sense of intense fear. I begin the run in the opposite direction. The wind suddenly stops, and paradise returns. The grass raises back up, and the sun shines. But I keep running.
 I run, and I run. For what feels like hours. My feet begin to ache. The sharp edges of the grass brushing against me. I run. Then, I hear the whistling of the intense wind in the distance. And my paradise breaks once again. The grass flattens, and the wind roars around me. I see, eighty meters in front of me, the figure. It’s closer, and I can make out some details now. The figure lurched forward. I can tell this thing isn’t human. It’s erratic movements, it’s lurching footsteps. Speeding towards me faster than I thought possible. The fear chains me in place.
Suddenly, I find the courage to flee. I turn around, and I immediately fall. My feet are caught in a field of mud. The thing is upon me, and I look up. It smiles an eerie smile. I fall through the mud, and start falling. The ground around me fades to an endless blue sky. I look under me and see a field of grass speeding towards me.
 I hit the ground, and everything goes black. I wake up, on a warm summer day, looking into the sky. I can’t seem to remember what I was doing before this. Odd, but not something to worry about. I shake the cobwebs from inside my head away and stand up. 
The End

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