Jan 28
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My Wind Wish

As I step outside into the bitter, crisp climate of Vermont,  a brush of wind hits my face and washes me into a big dream. The dream that I am on the beach. Hearing the waves crash, seeing children running around. I can smell the salt from the ocean. It is hot. I will go in the cold ocean, my toes now sinking into the damp soft sand. When l dry off I will then feel the dry rough sand in between my toes. I can taste the yummy chicken wrap from the little tiny grocery store down the road. I’ll be sitting and sunbathing, soaking the fresh air in, and I will feel the breeze again. Bringing me back the place I started in, Vermont. The Vermont I love the most, where it is cold in the winter and sunny in the summer. The winter is long and sometimes you need a little wish, that the wind will make true.
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