Jan 28

Too Bad "Lunch" Was Canceled

"Everything is in place! All we need is people to come and yell 'Surprise!'"  The last piece of tape was holding the  Happy Birthday banner up and it swung over Holly's beaming face. 

"The lights won't turn on" That made sense, since it was raining really hard and the power went out 

"It's fine, there are some flashlights in the closet" I reply as Becky rummages through the closet. 


"We can have candles." Becky pulls out eight candles and a matchbox. She lights the candles, and laughs: "This looks like a romantic date, why don't we just scatter rose petals by the doorway!"

"'Cause then Asha will trip on them and break her leg, And while she's in the hospital, being sad about missing her party, I will be eating her cake."
Holly says, a little too excitedly

"Hey!" Talia says, walking through the door with a huge box "Share some cake with me!"

"Talia!, You're here! And you brought a huge present!"

"Yea! I don't wanna open it but this is a picture of it on amazon." As Talia pulls out her phone, a ring, too long to be a text message, interupts her. My phone is ringing too and vibrating way too much to be comfortable in my pocket. An Amber Alert. Flash flood warning. And we are at the bottom of a hill. Just our luck.

I have a voicemail from Asha: "Hey, it's raining super hard and I can't make it to lunch so I'll come tomorrow" That "lunch" was her suprise party and everything is ruined. Day old cake and decorations are horrible. Just horrible. 

We leave, not wanting to be victims of a flash flood and I feel so much pain leaving behind two months of effort and party planning.