Jan 28


The room grows louder
It's getting harder to focus
I turn my head trying to decipher my surroundings
Trying not to make a sound
My heart races faster
I can feel the tears building up in my eyes
I try to blink them away
Hoping desperately that no one is looking at me
What if they are?
I probably look crazed
Or like I'm about to pass out
Oh, wait
Maybe I am about to pass out
The voices are back
I can hear everything all at once
My head feel like its going to explode
I need to stay
I need to focus
I need to get all my work done
But I'm frozen
I feel sick
I need to escape
I hope no one notices me leaving
I hope no one trys to stop me
I hope I don't draw any attention
I force myself to walk calmly out of the room
Tears streaming down my face the moment I leave the threshold
I walk straight out of the building
The cold winter air hit me
I can breathe again
I stay there for what seems like forever
Just breathing