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VT Writes Challenge: #3 Issue

By Lily Moore
Jericho Elementary School
Mrs. Randall’s Fourth Grade Class
90 Route 15
Jericho, Vermont

Dear World, 
Has anyone ever assumed you like or dislike something, like a color, just because of your gender? Well, even if this has never happened to you personally, you may have seen it happen in the world around you, or even in a book or movie. Someone who uses This discriminate action is called a sexist. It is rude, and not to mention down right wrong! Most people who are sexist are also very stereotypical. Some examples of stereotypes are all girls liking pink and all boys liking superheroes. But, there are still many people who do, in fact, like pink, and there is nothing wrong with that! 

Another reason no one should ever make assumptions based on gender is its not equal, and can make large groups of people feel disrespected. One example of this was when my class had a guest teacher. One boy was interrupting her, but when it was time to dismiss the class for lunch instead of having the one kid leave last, she said; “Girls, go line up, boys you were all very disruptive.” so I thought, “how is that fair! They didn't even do anything!”

 Part of what makes it so outrageous is the fact that it can occur on accident! One example of this happened three or four years ago. I was at a friend’s birthday party and they're mom was handing out party favors. She gave the girls nailpolish and the boys hot wheels cars. Now, I have always, and I mean always, hated nailpolish, but that's just my opinion. So I went up to the kids mom and asked if I could have one of the toy cars instead. And of course I assumed that she would say yes because there was a leftover hot wheels car. But, instead of saying yes, she said “oh, but you love nailpolish! You are a girl.” that made me furious. And I swear, my Mom had to peel me away from that woman!

The main reason I make the position that sexism is wrong, is because I believe that we are all equal, and thus should be treated with equality. 
I hope after reading my thesis you will help prevent these disrespectful actions from occurring. 



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