Jan 28
poem 0 comments challenge: Reframe

Someone Else's Point of View

You yelled
Look at that ugly girl!
as I walked down the street
I didn't even know you
and you didn't know me
I wanted to yell back
Look who's talking!
or some other snide remark
something that would sting
and make you feel regret
But instead I kept walking
with my head down 
trying to conceal 
the wound your words had left
I wondered why you would say that
Was it just out of spite
or malicious intent?
Did you really view me as ugly?
do you feel badly about yourself?
Does tearing others down 
to conceal your own insecurities?
I kind of feel sorry for you
and hope that you learn
that making others feel bad about themselves
won't make you feel any better
And I still think your words 
were hurtful and unkind
but I can try to see the situation
from a view other than mine