Jan 29
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The deathly gust

One day… about 4 years ago when I was eight… I was on a chair lift ready to go snowboarding… when suddenly there was a strong gust of wind and the empty chair in front of me almost spun all the way around the wire and then a tree fell onto the wire in front of me and the chair lift could no longer move. I could hear the howling wind blowing around like needles on my skin. I was too far up to just jump off but the couldn’t get a ladder because I was over a cliff on the sterling lift at Smuggs. They had to get a helicopter up there for me and my twelve year old at the time sister. We were up there for hours the wind smelled like fresh snow but felt like needles on my face that was beginning to get numb from the cold. When we finally got down we had hot chocolate and waffles, from the Waffle Shack and went back to the car to drive home.
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