Jan 29

What i believe (an essay in the works)

 I believe in being who you are. each and every person is different, whether your skin is dark or light, whether you like to play scrabble or soccer, whether you like guys or girls. Being yourself, and not letting other people influence you to a point where your identity gets lost, is important. You decide who you are. Nobody else. 

I personally have struggled a lot in trying to figure out who, or what, I am. It's not always something that just poof! appears, fully formed into your conscience. You have to figure out for yourself, who you are. By doing things you like, maybe you enjoy singing, or playing an instrument, maybe you prefer dancing, or sports, or painting or writing, but find something positive, that you love doing, not because somebody else said they like it, but because you do. Find something admirable about yourself, what about yourself are you proud of? Kindness? intelligence? loyalty? bravery? whatever it may be, find something positive about yourself you can look at, and say, yes. That is me. I am that way, with a smile on your face. From there, you can branch out, and work on building more positive interactions, and beliefs you feel good about.

 Figuring out who you are, often leads you to look at who's around you, who your parents are, who your friends are, who you hang out with. This is when things start to mesh together. You are made up of all these wonderful things you find important, and you also are influenced by the people around you. As long as your not letting them decide who you are, and what you do that's fine, in fact, it's needed. Other people will introduce you to new things and wonderful ideas, and points of perspective that you never thought about before, and probably never would have, if nobody had shared with you.