Jan 29
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Vermont's Beautiful Moutains

Woosh. As the snow trails behind me I glide down the mountain. The snow is fresh and it invites me down the unpredictable glades. The clouds are inches above me and I feel free. The light wind wraps around me in a blanket of happiness. The feeling is indescribable, but yet there are a million things to say about it. The cool wind against my face, the sharp twist of my skies, and the feeling of flying. The different trails and how they are all unique: glades are surprising, curvy, and light; woods are mystic, fast, and technical. The snowflakes fall lightly on me and attached like glue, staying with me the whole way down. There is just something about the mountains that are important and special enough to stay there forever. As we leave and pack up our things, I take one look back at the mountains, majestic and beautiful as ever.
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