Jan 29
fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind

Windy Day

It was a warm summer day, Lexi was reading a book in the woods. The sun was shining on Lexi’s book, making a great reading light. As the light was shining on Lexi she noticed that the air felt lighter, as if there was this dense fog around her. All of a sudden she could no longer feel the ground, as Lexi started to look up from the book she saw that she was floating in the air. Lexi thought this was a dream, but when she went to go pinch her arm, a small pain surged through her arm to her shoulder. Letting her know this wasn’t a dream, Lexi noticed she was only a couple of feet in the air. Suddenly Lexi got bounced around, she went up and down as if there was some sort of invisible slide she was on. Lexi started to giggle and laugh, as the leaves brushed by her hair. Then a gust of wind blew her hair up, then twirled her hair around, then a light wind puts Lexi’s hair in a messy bun. After five minutes of Lexi floating, bouncing, and giggling, Lexi was starting to float down to the ground. When Lexi was on the ground, she saw a bunch of leaves float up from the ground to make a figure. The figure looked as if it were human, the figure then waved at Lexi as if to say goodbye, then all the leaves then fell to the ground. When Lexi was starting to head home she realized who she was playing with, Lexi had been playing with the wind, so she decided to call the wind Windy. When Lexi got home she realized she had made a new friend. 
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