Jan 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Colors
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Hate is heavy

Hate is heavy
it holds you down to the negatives of the world
it misshapes your eyes to see dark colors. 
hate is misused,
if this is hate, your body knows before your head.
your body hurts; pain overtakes everything. 
they way you chose to get over this feeling, 
shows the colors you've been blinded by. 
if you push through it with hate, your color is red.
understanding, blue, and wisdom, white.
I pick colors to identify my feelings to know,
that the code is crackable. 
it is okay to be hurt, but it is better to overcome,
easier for your head to grow if no fire is in your box of a head. 
please grow, please chose love and prosperity.
not for me, for you.