Jan 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Tomorrow
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The Hopes Of Tomorrow

Tomorrow I hope school will be fun and my work will be easy
Tomorrow I hope my hair will be fluffy instead of peezy
Tomorrow I hope I will keep following my dreams to be in the NBA
and I will keep grinding until I reach that day. 

Tomorrow I hope I will win my basketball game, and when I get older have two kids, a lovely wife, and gold chains. 
Tomorrow I hope that I will get no dings. 

Tomorrow I hope I’ll get closer and closer to getting the championship ring, and when I reach into my pockets I’ll pull out cha-ching.
Tomorrow I hope that I will do all my needs. 
Tomorrow I hope that my team will cash threes. 
Tomorrow I hope the world will be in peace, one day everyone can gather together and have a nice feast. 
Tomorrow I hope.

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