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The Tornado

 It was a perfect Saturday morning; the birds were singing, it was 65 degrees, no rain clouds, a lot of shade, and the fresh smell of flowers and freshly cut grass. So I rode my bike to my friend's house, hopped off my bike, ran to her door and knocked like a million times. Emma finally answered the door and before saying hi I quickly said, “Can you PLEASE ride around town with me it's sooooo nice out, hurry up incase it rains!”
     So we went inside for a minute to ask her parents if we could ride our bikes around town and after like, 10 minutes of persuading them, they finally said yes. So she got her bike and money and we raced to the end of the hill and I asked, “Where should we go first?”
     Emma answered, “Let's go to Hayley’s house.”
     So we went over to her house and tried surprising her but suddenly we heard a crash and the wind became so strong, it started to knock over everything around us. Soon, we realized what was about to happen to us because it was a tornado; something that could have killed us at that very moment and it was right behind us! We knocked so hard on Hayley's door, I thought we would knock it down; but as soon as we realized that no one would answer the door, we ran as fast as we could to the diner next door from Hayley's house. Luckily it was still open so we rushed inside, told everyone to go down into the basement because of the tornado, and prayed that the tornado wouldn't destroy the building. After hours of waiting for the crashing sounds to go away, someone said, "I'll go check and see if it's okay to go back up there."
     So he slowly walked up the stairs; probably thinking about how he regretted his decision. He opened the door, and let out a loud gasp because what he saw was the most incredible thing that any of us had ever seen. Outside, the grass was perfectly green, it was warm outside, no clouds, and the birds were still outside even after a tornado. We were all in shock for a while, we had no idea what had just happened, something that would only happen once in a life-time, happened at the best time because the world was just starting to get really bad and now it's all fixed because of the tornado.                                          

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