Jan 30
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Tomorrow I hope that I can wake when I like and get up in however long I need. Tomorrow I hope that  I can walk outside into a world that is thriving, and walk through a country where people can trust that they can go where they need to go without having to worry about being hurt or killed, a world that is not threatened by Its inhabitants because they can  clean up their messes and are able to act when they can, not when they have to. Because when we realize what we have done and we know that something has to be done about it sooner or later we wait until we have to and we need to change. 
When I am at school or the hockey rink or the lacrosse field I don't think about anything else. I feel like the only thing in the world is what I am doing then; I don't think about what it takes to make the things I need to do what I love. I need to think about the consequences of my benefits.

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