Jan 30

The Artist

The artist sits in the middle of the naturally lit room. Paintbrush in hand and canvas on his lap. A small ceramic mug of water sits to his left while a line of colorful paints sits to his right. He wears a spiral tie dye t-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans. His facial expression suggests he’s in pain, but any other artist knows he is just deep in thought. The room is filled with giant windows reaching from ceiling to floor. His canvas displays various blues and whites, matching the sky seen through the windows. He sits on a drop cloth that’s half bunched up. What was once used to keep the floors clean of paint, is now only doing half of its job. Paintbrushes of various size and thickness are scattered all around. The white wall directly behind the artist is blocked by various sized easels displaying his life’s passion. Each painting consists of the beautiful colors of nature.