Jan 30
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Gone Like The Wind

The branches of the old oak tree sway in the autumn breeze

One lonely brown leaf finally snaps and falls slowly down. 

As the wind picks up, the leaf drifts away. 

No control over the course it will take. 

It flies from one roof to another,

Only ever stopping for one minute.

Traveling freely.

Watching as other’s lives go on. 

This brown little leaf is carried hundreds of miles from where it started,


The breeze stops.

The leaf falls slowly down to the ground,

Where it stays.

More leaves pile on top.

Hundreds of people walk buy without a second glance.

Weeks later, the snow starts to fall.

The leaf is buried under a heavy blanket.

But it doesn’t realize it will never resurface. 

That it’s journey is over.

The feeling of flying is still prominent in it’s mind.

Remembering it’s home on the old oak tree.

But now the leaf is deteriorating.

Molecule by molecule

Until there is nothing left,

And it’s gone.

Gone like the wind.

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