Jan 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Wind

The Breath of the Dawn

Amid the boulders
It sits on silent haunches
Eyes piercing through the foliage
A brown creature sleeps
Fawn curled by its neck
In the early morning light
They rest in the brush
Calling a patch of moss their bed
The drooling jaws hide in the shadows
Ears folded back
Making the beast a silver bullet of the dawn
Creeping forward on quiet paws
A rustling breeze snakes through the valley
Bringing word of the beast 
Whispering to the sleeping creature
Get up
For time to sleep has ended
Get up I say
The sleeper awakes with a jolt of fear
Scampering off with the fawn into the brambles
The beast slinks back into the shadows
Cursing the wind
Resuming his place in the dark
Amid the boulders