Jan 31
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If I could have 3 wishes I would have one granted tomorrow, one on my 25th birthday, and one on my 50th birthday. I would choose to get one trillion dollars tomorrow. For my second wish I would want perfect health, and for my third I would like to have superspeed. 

The main reason I want to get one trillion dollars is because I would buy tons of stuff. I would also buy houses, cars and designer brand clothing. Of course, I would have a huge tax payment every year, but I would still have a ton of money left over. I would also help my family with stuff like taxes, housing, bills and groceries. I would also give money to the homeless shelters and donate to schools around the globe.

My second wish would be to have perfect health. If I had perfect health I wouldn’t get sick. I also wouldn’t get overweight and I would practically be able to eat anything that I wanted to. I also wouldn’t get sick. This would also mean I wouldn’t die and I wouldn’t get hurt. 

My third wish would be to have superspeed. If I had superspeed I wouldn’t have to buy a car. I would be able to dodge bullets and be a superhero! It would also save a lot money for me and my family. It would also be fun to be able to just run around and go explore new places and do new things!

And, I’m out of wishes, but I think they were good choices. I would be rich, healthy, and a superhero! The order dosen’t really matter, but I rather get the money first because then I could buy a ton of stuff and be rich basically my whole life. AAQz    `

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