Jan 31
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If I had 3 wishes

    Hello,  my name is Allyssa. I turn 20 tomorrow. If I got 1 wish on my birthday it would be that I would get a cat because I really want a cat. I like how they are soft. Also how they purr and cuddle with you. I want a cat that has the colors of a tuxedo cat.  

    5 years later…Hello again. It’s my birthday again. I’m 25 now. Another wish that I want is that I want a dog because I like how they play with me. Also, I like how they wag their tails when they're happy. I would like a German Shepherd. 

25 years later... Hello again. I’m am 50 now. My last wish would be that I get a house because right now  I’m living with my parents. I also want to have my own space. My parents are tired of me living with them. The kind of house I want is a 1 bedroom. It will only be myself living there. I would like my house to be green because it’s my favorite color.  

In conclusion, if I had three wishes they would be getting a cat, getting a dog and a house. I would get a cat because I love cats. I would get a dog because they are playful. I would get a house because I still live with my parents. These are my three wishes.
                                    By, Allison
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