Jan 31
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three wishes

      Three Wishes
Tomorrow, I hope that school will be canceled because I don't like school. This is my first wish. I don’t like school because there is too much hard work. I like to work, but not school work. School can get very boring when all you do is sit in your chair at your desk. That is what I really hope will happen tomorrow. Here are my other two wishes.

When I am 25, I hope I can have my own farm. This is my second wish. I have always wanted to have my own farm. I will have cows, pigs, horses and a dog on my farm. I will have a sugaring house where I can boil the sap from the maple trees that I have on the land I own. I want to have 50 cows, 10 pigs and a couple horses. That is what I really want to happen when I am 25.

When I am 50, I hope I will buy a yellow Mack tri-axle semi truck. This is my third wish. I will start a trucking business that I hope will be very successful. If my business is successful, I will travel all over the country making deliveries for people until I die or I am too old to keep up with the deliveries. I will specialize in hauling farm animals and big farm equipment. That is what I really hope will happen when I am 50.

Those are my three wishes that I want to happen tomorrow, when I am 25, and when I am 50. I hope school is canceled, I hope I can have my own farm, and I hope to get a yellow Mack tri-axle semi truck