Jan 31
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I got 3 wishes from a wizard. I got them because I met him on a mountain called Mt. Random and helped him off of it. One is going to come true tomorrow, one on my 25th birthday and one on my 50th birthday.

 For my first wish I want to own the world and everything on it. I want to own the world because if I owned the world and everything on it, I would be able to flatten all of the cities in the world and make it all a country again. Plus, if I did that, pollution and global warming would go down.

For my wish on my 25th birthday, I want a Yamaha Raptor 700r along with a Yamaha snowmobile. I want these because the Raptor is my dream atv and the snowmobile I want because I love the Yamaha brand. I love snowmobiles. The snowmobiles can also be useful to get around the farm when it snows and the atv for when there is no snow.

My last wish for my 50th birthday would be to bring my grandparents back from the dead. Along with this wish, I would want all of us to live forever without old age pains like back stiffness and joint pain. I would want to do that because they are the ones who I love the most and my grandpa is the one who helped me want to be a farmer. He also helped me want to hunt and fish.

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