Jan 31
fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind
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The mysterious figure from the wind

There was a village a small village where the wind felt weird in some way it didn't feel like it normally used to it always used to be calm like summer air. One person in the village saw some weird things in the distance they called the whole entire village over to where they are when the whole village got there the things got closer and one thought it was a strange figure when it started to move more quicker the people went inside then they all got a loud bang on each door when the loud bang happened again the doors started to break after one more the doors broke and the people of that village all died except for one of the village people and he was the person who made everyone go to where he heard a strange noise he was putting the people into a trap so the monster saw them and would go after them and now researchers are inspecting the mess to find the person who did the mess but in the cave that is near the village is the guy who made the curture and is watching his next victims.    

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