Jan 31
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the wind

It was September 22, 2019. Tonight the weather had changed. I was sitting on our new rocking chair. I had just gotten home from school. That day it was quiet, no one was walking their dog, or raking the leaves, it was just quiet. The wind was howling against the nearby houses. Each time it would whisk past me, I could smell the fresh air as it rolled through my nose. Once I took a breath, my throat had suddenly become dry and tasteless. The shadowy wind was so fascinating, it brought curiosity to my eyes. The sight of it somehow gave me a safe comfort feeling. I tried to walk forward but it pushed me back to the chair. The sky had gotten darker, the clouds had moved in closer. The wind got stronger. It became harder for me to get out of the rocking chair. There was a different smell now. It smelled like the first day of winter. It smelled like frostbite, like freshly made snow. Ew.
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