Jan 31
fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind
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The eulogy

    There was a light breeze while I was sitting on a park bench. The breeze made it very difficult to write the eulogy for my mother’s funeral that was the next day. I had been writing for about 20 minutes when the light breeze picked up into a powerful howling wind that blew my paper away. I watched the paper quickly get swept away by the wind while I tried to chase after it for fear of someone finding and reading it. I chased it for a few minutes before I gave up and sadly started to walk back to the bench in order to restart my mother’s eulogy all over again. Just when I had given up and started to write again I felt a tap on my shoulder, I jumped because the tap startled me and then I turned around. 

    I turned around to see the sweet face of my father, holding the paper with my mother’s eulogy on it. He had tears running down his face, and he smiled handing me my paper. I returned a sad smile and took it from him gratefully. After I took back my writing I sat back down to read over it and then that was when I realized that my father is also dead, and that I just saw his ghost.