Jan 31

The ominous wind

You’re in a cemetary 
Bringing blood red roses to your mother's grave
Sitting there staring at it when it comes…
The breeze

Goosebumps trail up your body 
The breeze is still trailing past your body 
It doesn’t seem to end 
As if its circling you

The breeze is getting stronger and stronger
It picks up into a strong wind 
It strongly whistles past you 
Rain slaps down on the top of your head 
Plopping and plopping down 
Faster and faster 

The wind becomes harder to bear 
It picks up the roses 
As you go to grab them….
You float

The wind drags you over and around 
Upsidown and sideways
The whistle of wind getting louder and louder 
Increasing the chills in your body

The whistles in the wind get louder and louder 
The wind bringing ringing in your ears
Until it's the sound of screams….
Your mothers screams

You’re suddenly brought to that night 
The dark small town
only street lights lights along the empty roads
Then the breeze comes. 
You hear her screaming

You start running the rush of adreniline helping you move 
But the wind pushes against you as if you should stay 
You stop, silence fills the air, emptyness, silence 
Bang! Bang! Bang!

You stand there frozen 
Until a breeze rushes past you 
And snaps you back into reality
With goosebumps you sit there
Clutching the blood red roses
About the Author: Kenzie
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