Feb 01
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The Eyes of the Wind

What does the wind see as it sifts through the sky?
Does it see ongoing soccer games?
Two rivaling teams battling their heart and soul out under the game they love.
The wind whipping away the sweat drizzling down their necks,
urging for the fight to commence.
Do the breezes of the wind work their power to soar kites higher
to amuse young-ins and entertain their imaginations?
Can the wind hear and pick up secrets formed from opened-mouths?
Picking up the tee-hees and giggles of girls whispering under the oak tree. 
Perhaps the wind can also see our struggles.
Our sadness transforming into hints of rage that keep growing by the second.
The wind able to see your pent-up frustration and starts to bend the air towards your way,
Cooling the prickling hot tears off your face.
Or suppose the wind minds it’s own business,
whistling through the atmosphere and enjoying it’s travels. 

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