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The Wind that Stole my Voice

Tell a story in which the wind, or maybe just a breeze, plays a critical role.

It was a dark morning with snow falling hard against the ground. I had gone to bed and it had been green but now there was no green to be seen.  There had been warnings on the news last night that we should watch out for a blizzard but I didn't think it would actually happen.There was no school that day, everything was covered in snow. I should shovel the driveway but I think it will be too cold. Suddenly my phone buzzes.

It’s my friend saying,“Are we still good for dinner?”

“I am,”  I respond, thinking that today will be no problem.

It's now almost noon. I should shovel the driveway because my friends are having dinner at my place,and I don't want them to park out on the road blocking traffic that's driving by. 

I’m now outside, the snow filling my hood, the wind biting my limbs. I shovel quick getting weaker as I go. I don't know what time it is but it feels like I’ve been out here for ages. 

The driveway just keeps filling the spots I already shoveled. I now have barely any feeling in my limbs. It seems as if I’m in a white box- I can’t see my house any more, I feel trapped as I walk the direction of my house or so I think. The snow now filling up everything that I’ve already shoveled. I give in and sit. The  snow slowly starts tip- toeing up my sides. I try to yell but the wind steals my voice and carries it away. I lay there hopelessly… again I try to yell for help the same happens as before. Now the is wind biting at the only parts of my body I can feel. I try to crawl to the house. Inching my way up the driveway, I finally make it to my stairs. Its hard getting up the stairs but I manage to do it. Now I have to get the door handle. 

But then, “ WAM”!

The snow that's been piling up on the roof waits for me to step foot at the door and now buries me. I wiggle my legs, they come up of the snow but I’m helpless without my arms. Finally, I get my arms out of the snow.

“Yes,” I repeat it louder this time,“YES!”

The wind acts  like a brick wall echoing it right back down to me. I’m now inside I look at the clock, It's late. I close my eyes and try to sleep off the experience,knowing that the wind and snow had nearly killed me.  

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