Feb 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Ocean

set me free, a poem for the sea.

beating on the sand 
fading in and out with the tide
falling away 
pull me down 
let me drown 
in the great vastness of this ocean 
let my name only leave a faint smile
upon the face of this planet 
and let my memories fade and discolor 
in this salty water 
let me go 
set me free
give me wings once more
and allow my feelings to soar 
carrying me higher than the pain 
kiss me till you cant breathe
and then fall away 
let me go 
set me free
take the hurt and make it disappear 
wash the anger off
and hold me in the waves 
oh please 
let me go 
set me free
to water cold and clear 
the northern ocean's crashing call 
among the rugged rocks
hold my secrets in your heart 
the worn glass in your hands
as you return me to the sand 
of my distant past 
oh please 
stay with me
through great storm
and perfect days
always by my heart you lay
take my hand 
and we shall leap 
into the waves 
we leave behind our old past 
and worn out memories 
let me show you life
underneath the cold ocean's waves.