Feb 03
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I’ve heard it, I know you’ve heard it. That overused saying, “the sky is the limit”. It’s so overused that you probably haven’t questioned whether the sky really is “The limit”. To me, the sky is home. Being on the ground all of the time can feel sort of suffocating now and then. Seeing the world from a bird’s eye view offers a whole new power and perspective that most people don’t get to experience in the same way. I don’t think many people understand the joy of flying until they taste it, because that’s when you slowly lift away from everything holding you back here on Earth. You’re climbing air, and there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. Your head is quite literally, in the clouds. Flying has taught me to appreciate our immeasurably limitless universe, and the delicacy of  life. It also reminds me that in the end, the issues facing you now won’t matter. Everything from the steady, low whirring of the engine to the sweet sensation of climbing from the sun-cracked runway into a sea of solitaire, it has me hooked. What I hope readers can gain from this, is that there are no limits on what you love. Whatever that may be.

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