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The House at the end of the street5

The house at the end of the street is obviously haunted, we all established it a few months back, but what happened in the house? Some say it was murder some say that it’s not haunted at all and it just gives people the creeps, but no one knows what really happened. (story):

Back in 1983, on Friday the 13th, there was a mass-murdering at this house, as there was a party there that day, Everyone died except one guy who lived to tell his story, The police never found a murder, and no one got a visual Idea of him, some say he still lives in the house, in a secret underground part of it, a lot of people think this due to the fact the man popped out of nowhere, some say the house is haunted with the souls of those who where at the party, and people say, “for those who step foot in that house may not return” and every Friday the 13th, He awakens again, KIlling anyone who he comes across, and dragging their corps to the house, no one knows what he does to the dead bodys when he does get hold of them, all they know, is once the body is in that house, it’s gone, no one knows who he is and what he wanted, but we do know, every Friday the 13th, he comes out to murder some more, after about 36-37 years of this going on, with new tecnolgy Police try to locate him, but no one knows where he could be or if he’s still alive.
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