Feb 05
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Light at the end of the tunnel

It was in my darkest place that you found me
You picked me up and dusted me off like it was nothing
You held my hand and held me close when I was falling apart
Because of you I am alive now with a less broken heart
I was shattered into pieces but you put them back together
You saved my life when I was hurting and I couldn't ask for better
You're the light at the end of my tunnel
When I couldn't see past the dark
You're the light at the end of my tunnel
Because you played the part
You gave me hope when I was lost in the darkness
You helped me with my homework with all of your smartness
Day after day you were kind to me
You never left me when you got sick of me nor abandoned me when I got to hard to handle
You're my best friend, my sister and shockingly we aren't even biological
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