Feb 05
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I am From

I am from blankets

From Kleenex and NyQuil

I am from the warm and cozy room

(small, yellow, it smells of vanilla)

I am from pomegranate,

big, red, juicy, messy and staining everything 

I’m from LA trips and blue eyes

From Jenna and Helen 

I’m from the argumentative and stubborn,

From “Don’t go in those woods” and 

“Be nice to your siblings”

I’m from Hanukkah, burning candles, sharing bread

I’m from Massachusetts and Ohio and California,

Skyline chili, honey bunches of oats,

From the sleeping at great grandma's place, 

eating breakfast the next morning,

the playing dress up with sisters

I am from pictures on various shelves,

now in separate households

But still once my family
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