Feb 06
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    When asked that important question “what are you grateful for?” We all think of our families and our blessed lives. Which is good, we should be grateful for those things, but there is one thing we often take for granted. Our home. No I don’t mean our houses, I mean Earth. We never take the time to appreciate the place we have been given. The yummy foods it provides, the clean air, the rushing water, the beautiful sights, and other resources. It gives us a habitable home that is breathtakingly pretty. It gives us all these things with no charge. We never think to thank our home for everything it gives us. Instead we destroy it. We are killing the place that gives us life. We have taken its resources and used it against itself. We need to realize what we are doing to our home. We need to appreciate its amazing creatures and delicious foods. We need to stop harming the thing that is the source of our existence. I am grateful for our home, you should be too. Now, it’s time to show it and start saving the earth.

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