Feb 07

Lobby Day at VT Statehouse with Mother Up! and Climate Caucus

Hi everyone,
as you may have heard on my tiny write, I attended Lobby Day at the statehouse with Mother Up!, a progressive organization designed for parents in the age of the climate crisis, on February 6th. We pushed for a ban on any new, large-scale fossil fuel infrastructure in VT - as outlined in H.51 and S.66 and supported by H.175; a "Vermont Green New Deal" S.311, which taxes the top 5% of earners in VT who benefited the most from the federal tax cuts, withy the funds going toward solutions like weatherization and public transit; a much stronger "Global Warming Solutions Act" (H.688) that includes a ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure, a faster timeline, and more aggressive emissions reduction requirements. I was a speaker and read an original poem I wrote in front of the Vermont Legislative Climate Caucus, I was also the only youth there besides two babies. Over five representatives were filming our speakers and Mike Mrowicki shared my poem with the other members of The Climate Caucus. Overall it was an amazing experience!