Feb 07

Which candidate will prevail?

It’s almost time for the 2020 election and there are so many democratic candidates to choose from! I read in an article that there is a record number of candidates running in one party. So, which one do I like and support? To be honest, I support them all. But there is one that stands out to me. Michael Bloomberg 

Billionaires have a bad reputation nowadays, partially because of Trump. Trump has made it clear, with his own actions, that some billionaires are bad people who care only about themselves. Not all billionaires are like that, however. Some of them have good intentions. As of today, there are two Democratic billionaires running for president: Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg. In my opinion, they are both good people, but right now I’m going to focus on Bloomberg.

Bloomberg doesn’t just care about himself. This also means that he cares about every social class. He could care about himself and other billionaires. (That certainly sounds like someone we all know who is currently our president.) But, Bloomberg’s not like that. He cares about everyone. The upperclassmen, the people in middle class, the people working for minimum wage, the poor, and the homeless. Instead of trying to make himself happy, he strives to make everyone happy. On top of this, he spends his money wisely. Instead of using it on golden doorknobs and luxuries, he is a philanthropist. He donates his money to charity to help those in need. Rather than separating kids from their families at the border, Bloomberg will welcome everyone in. While Trump sits in his mansion criticizing Greta Thunberg, Bloomberg will take a stand against climate change and do anything he can to help save the planet. He believes in gender equality and will fight for equal pay for women. He will work to strengthen the middle class, invest in education, and create good-paying jobs. Bloomberg isn’t running for himself, he’s running for the people.