YWP Newsletter - 2/10/20

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Happy February, YWP! Here we are, second month into the year, and holding on dearly to those memories of summer, but on the up side of things, all of your writing and art, and photography is amazing and fantastic, and when you're feeling down and like everything is just "Blah," I want you to know, you are amazing too!! No matter the weather, you guys are talented, and bright, and wonderful people, so keep those creative juices flowing, and never be afraid to try new things! 

This newsletter highlights writing, audio, images and any happenings in the YWP Community. We are a small band of YWP Community Leaders who also help create Challenges, select Daily Reads, Recommended, and work for Publication. As the editors of the newsletter, our role is to bring you authors and artists extra audience and shine, and to bring you readers some special pieces of work. Please pass along this newsletter or the links to the stories to bring the authors even more viewers. Enjoy! 

This week's newsletter features work by: Brooke.agricola, Andrew Knight, gaia_lenox, Crescent_Moon, LadyMidnightlaurenmNiñaEstrella, and PeachesMalone.


  • Join the YWP Book ClubLadyMidnight's recommended book this month is the F- it List by Julie Halpern, and you can check out the book club here
  • YWP's Community Journalism Project is holding a nonfiction writing contest! Cash prizes and publication in The Voice and with YWP's media partners! The deadline is Friday, Feb. 21, 2020. You can read more details, and respond to one or more of the three different prompts here.
  • Interested in food ... and climate change? Come to the Opening Reception of "Apocalypse Diet: What Will We Eat?". Join YWP's Susan Reid and poet Lizzy Fox to talk and write about the exhibit. Friday, Feb. 21, 5 - 8 PM, Burlington City Arts, 135 Church St., Burlington. It's free. More details and signup here.
  • Learn how to write a "killer college essay" with Denise Shekerjian at YWP's Writing on the Roof series at the Karma Bird House, 47 Maple St., Burlington, rooftop conference room, Saturday, March 14, 2020, 10 - 11:30 AM (geared for high school juniors and sophomores. Parents are welcome too). It's free. Find out more and sign up here.

I am From 
By, Brooke.agricola 

I am from blankets.      
From Kleenex and NyQuil
I am from the warm and cozy room
(small, yellow, it smells of vanilla)
I am from pomegranate,
big, red, juicy, messy and staining everything 
I’m from LA trips and blue eyes
From Jenna and Helen 
I’m from the argumentative and stubborn,
From “Don’t go in those woods” and 
“Be nice to your siblings”
I’m from Hanukkah, burning candles, sharing bread
I’m from Massachusetts and Ohio and California,
Skyline chili, honey bunches of oats,
From the sleeping at great grandma's place, 
eating breakfast the next morning,
the playing dress up with sisters
I am from pictures on various shelves,
now in separate households
But still once my family

(photo credit by Andrew Knight 
Clocks don't work on sunday mornings 
By, gaia_lenox

I open my eyes 
to light 
that bursts through glass 

window panes and 

of blonde hair 
sewn into my 

I open my eyes 
to fabric suffocating 
last nights dreams 
and memories made of 
silk and fethers 

last night I turned to water 
and sunk into the corners 
of my bedframe 
where the dust bunnies meet 

to discuss 
the secrets shoved under 
my dresser 

I open my eyes 
made of paper 
prone to tearing 

up and 
drip dropping 
on the cicadas 
that so carefully 

sit on the underside 
of my fan blades 
dreaming of upside down coffee tables 

radio static 
into my quiet ears 

twisting me into
simple chaos 


(photo creidit by Crescent_Moon)
By, LadyMidnight 

I wrote a song on the back
of my hand
but managed to forget all the words.
I read you a story
that no one enjoyed
except for the paper birds.

I exist in silence
like a quiet flood
threatening to overflow.
Uniqueness is futile
humans fall as one
just take a glance at the snow.

I stand on scaffolding
built from my dreams
which waver in the sky.
I think I'm a believer 
but somedays
I just want to sit down and cry.

In my blood,
runs poetry and somewhere, hope
because eventually, I get a voice.
Be thankful
because by being alive
someone gave you a choice.

(Photo Credit by laurenm)

Tiny Writes
"How have I affected the lives of the people I've met?"
Honestly, it’s nice to be missed.
I really like snowflakes, especially when they're on your eyelashes